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We here at AmateurSkeptics are not scientists.  We are normal people who are trying to look at the world with an evidence-based approach.  We strive to have open minds and change our opinions with new evidence.

We know that the smartest person can fall for pseudoscience or bad data if they don't have the skills to sift through it. We are not all scientists, and should have to be, but it is important to have the skills to ask the right questions and filter out misleading information. The problem is that we are not in most cases instructed in how to think critically. We are taught that seeing is believing, and this isn't true. 

Although we are not scientists we do believe that everyone can and should have the skills to analyze information.  We should be able to ask good questions, and decide if what we are looking at are good conclusions based on good data.

We think that all people should move beyond belief systems and move towards accepting good data as facts.  We should be able to change what we accept based on what changing discoveries in science support as true.  It is important for us as Skeptics to be more concerned with the procedure of getting data and less on the out come, as it is the process that makes good data. 

This podcast is about our journey down the winding road of skepticism.  Join us as we learn the skills to live in a science based world.