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Duration: 01:09:49

The Green Book ASPC 092

Show Notes:

Shout out to old friends who are new listeners at the Pedal House Bike Shop -Terrie
The wet lube you recommended is fantastic!

Dumbass interviewed us or Skeptical Briefs, which is a newsletter available to members of CSI (The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry).

Ian's Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!

Female Orgasm Is Best Workout For Brain, Claims Sexual Pleasure Expert

Racism and Intolerance,

The Green Book - Ian
Green book 1949 PDF download - Shawn
Green Book 1948 PDF download - Shawn

Racist Basketball Fans PISSED a Mexican-American Boy Dared to Sing Their National Anthem
Watch Sebastien De La Cruz Sing The National Anthem Way Better Than The Haters On Twitter
Sebastien De La Cruz: Racism On Twitter Helped Me Showcase Mexican Culture
- Ian

Marc Anthony Addresses 'God Bless America' Performance's Racist Remarks After MLB All-Star Game - Ian

Ted Nugent blames Trayvon Martin for shooting in George Zimmerman case, calling late teen 'a dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe' - Ian

R Congressman Declares Tanning Bed Tax Racist Against White People -Terrie

The politics of being friends with white people - Shawn

Passing - Shawn

Black Like Me - Shawn

Jessica Williams And Samantha Bee Discuss Race On The Daily Show - Ian

Pointing Out a System of Racism is ‘Absurd’ (a.k.a. “Black People, Shut the F*ck Up”)

Women’s Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli Deemed “Undeserving Ugly Fat Slut" By Sexists Because She’s Not A Tall Skinny Blonde

Put The Waitresses On A Diet

Fat Shaming and Obese Children

Anti-Choice Activists Want to Know: Are Workers at a Kansas Abortion Clinic Asking to be Shot? - Bryan

High Schooler Protests ‘Slut-Shaming’ Abstinence Assembly Despite Alleged Threats From Her Principal

Body Diversity Research: Surprise! Seeing more diversity makes people more comfortable with diversity. -Terrie

Beauty and Feeling Beautiful -Terrie

Plastic Surgery May Not Actually Make You Prettier - Ian

I Refuse To Reward Low Goals And Lack Of Defined Career Path - Ian

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