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Duration: 01:02:30

Transablism: the Unkindest Cut of All ASPC 093

Show Notes:

Ian's Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!

Doctors remove fork from penis of 70-year-old Australian man

Unintentional Ethnography/Bike Porn! - Terrie

Medical Bargle!

Determined to Amputate: One Man's Struggle With Body Integrity Identity Disorder - Bryan
FIGHT TRANS(ABLED) HATE! - Bryan (This is from the Jerry Springer show)

Body integrity identity disorder Wikipedia - Bryan
Body Integrity Identity Disorder - Bryan
Body integrity identity disorder (BIID)--is the amputation of healthy limbs ethically justified? - Bryan
Welcome to BIID-info.org - Bryan
Transabled.org - Bryan

Is Transablism like a historical cargo cult?- Terrie

What about the medical ethics of treating transgendered vs transabled?
Hannah Rosin’s Atlantic article about transgender treatment in the US
Transwoman menstruation fetishism, or not.

Is Terrie transabled?
Cockblocking the eggs procedure
Staunching the flow
procedure with bonus animation

Skeptical Science:
Near Death Experiences (for Rats) - Kimberly.

I hate the pope:
Oh Former-Nazi-Pope, won’t you ever stop giving us reasons to hate and make fun of you? - Kimberly.

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