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Duration: 00:52:10

Obscure Animals ASPC 095

Show Notes:

Ian’s Geeky Weekend
Myth and Legends Con
Reel Nerds Podcast
Not Literally

Ian will be at MileHiCon Oct 18th to 20th.

Ian's Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!

Masturbation laws around the world: the penal code

Girls Masturbate Too! Sarah Silverman’s Perfect Night

Hamilton College offers female orgasm workshop through “Womyn’s Center” - Dumbass
- relevant (Dumbass)

Animal Spies - Dumbass
ref Podcast 40 Navy Seals and Dolphins

Halloween Prop of Dead, Skinned Dog on a Chain Outrages Shoppers - Ian
Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy

Zebrafish actually make good human analogs for research - Dumbass

Meet the Olinguito-hiding in plain sight -Shawn

Little known animal facts - Shawn

Animals you may have never known existed - Shawn

little known relatives of famous animals - Shawn

25 obscure animals - Shawn

Tardigrades: The Hardiest Animal on Earth… and in Space? - Shawn

Like a Sturgeon - Shawn

Bird News:
Birds Obeying Speed Limits, Researchers Say- Shawn

Shorter-winged swallows evolve around highways - Shawn

and way back from podcast 006… - Shawn

My Cockatoo is Smarter than your Honor Student - Shawn
Object Permanence in the Goffin Cockatoo (Cacatua goffini) - Bryan
Cockatoos know what is going on behind barriers - Bryan
Cockatoos Understand Full Object Permanence - Including Invisible Trajectories - Bryan

Bird Whiskers - Shawn

Pickup hosts eagles reunion - Shawn

exotic pets:
The Mystery of Half-Cat - Shawn

YouTube Sensations pet Racoon seized - Shawn

Huge, Hissing cat roams detroit - Shawn
This rare mutant lobster has six claws -Ian

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