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Duration: 00:53:37

Ghost(s) ASPC 096

Show Notes:

Ian and Terrie's Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!

A timeline of the evolution of societal attitudes about masturbation (spoiler: including female masturbation) with a long list of health benefits! -Terrie

A public service announcement: as incredibly sexy as they are, toasters should not be used as sex toys. - Dumbass
- Related: 5 Real Life Cases of Men Getting Their Genitals Stuck in Things
- For Terrie: Women Losing Objects in Their Vaginas: An Online Literature Review

Shout-out to the Mysteries Abound podcast -Terrie

Questions to discuss
Why are we afraid of ghosts?
Why are you so fascinated with ghosts?
The contradicting ideas about ghost and lack of actual science in ghost hunting.

What are Ghosts?

How Ghosts Work - Dumbass

Ghost Hunting 101
Ghost hunting Tips

Favorite Links (Note a link to a Catholic site for getting faith based items to keep you safe and right next to it a metaphysical and spiritual supplies link. And they are both owned by the same couple)

Ghost Sighting in Colorado

Picture of ‘Ghost’ in Fraser Colorado
Picture of ‘Ghost’ in Frisco Colorado
Picture of ‘Ghost’ in Granby Colorado
Picture of ‘Ghost’ in Sterling Colorado
Picture of ‘Ghost’ in Walden Colorado

Interesting “Ghost Picture” posted to Reddit - Dumbass

“Ghostbuster” arrested for conducting exorcism with penis - Dumbass (as mentioned before)

The Nature of fear

experiment into the nature of fear - Shawn

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Albert_experiment - Shawn

Video- "Why Are Things Creepy" - Shawn

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