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Placebo Band � North America


Duration: 00:58:27

Encrypted for your Protection - ASPC 101

Show Notes:

Mac’s Creature Feature- the mysterious Aye-Aye
Wikipedia Aye-Aye page
Aye-Aye on National Geographic
Duke Lemur Center Aye-Aye page
from last chance to see, by douglas adams

Progressive of the Week Two Utah stories, related SL Trib op-ed, Update, Update2, -Terrie

Scams and other ways to trick people
Cryptolocker Virus:
Types of encryption
Symmetric vs. asymmetric algorithms - Bryan
Microsoft's BitLocker - Bryan
TrueCrypt - Bryan
Ransomware (malware) - Bryan
Malware Toolkits
CryptoLocker Ransomware Spreading Rapidly - Bryan
How To Avoid CryptoLocker Ransomware - Bryan
US local police department pays CryptoLocker ransom - Bryan

NSA leaks - Bryan

Here is a 60 minutes show with the NSA. I would like everyone to watch this and tell me how you feel about the NSA after. This may have to on the next show.

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Some sounds used from www.freesound.org