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Duration: 00:47:06

Amateur Skeptics Podcast - 009: Cell Phone Radiation and your DNA

Show Notes:

Talked with Brian Walsh from Rational Alchemy about podcast panel for SkeptiCamp.

Science News- General

China scientists find use for cigarette butts - Ian

Stuff of Interest:

Is 'busty' Barbie too revealing? - Ian

New Barbie Doll’s Cleavage Outrages Parents -Ian

Barbie Basics Collection (Picture)- Ian

Education in Colorado

"Balanced" group tries to block global warming in classrooms -Jenn

Religious Insanity:

Catholic Leader Says Woman Should Die With Her Fetus -Ian

Bus Ads Offer Protection to Muslims Leaving Their Faith - Ian, Up date link -Bryan

Cell Phone Radiation:

New Data on Cell Phones and Cancer

Safe Space Protection

Cell phone effects on DNA



Quantum Biology Research


Arguing from Ignorance

Argument from Consequences

Argument from Personal Incredulity