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Duration: 01:10:42

Statutory Relations ASPC 118

Show Notes:

Ian and Terrie’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!
Masturbating Virgin Atlantic Passenger Gets Flight Grounded - Dumbass

WTF are They Thinking?
'Christianity Under Attack!' Teen Faces Jail for Lewd Pose with Jesus Statue - Bryan
Christian privilege and the “desecration” of a Jesus statue - Bryan
As a burger lover, I am outraged by this and demand that the perpetrator face jail time! - Dumbass.

Judge: Hobby Lobby Decision Means Polygamous Sect Member Can Refuse To Testify In Child Labor Case - Bryan

A Devil Statue With Huge Boner Appeared In Vancouver (NSFW) - Bryan
Kickstarter aims to “Bring Back Vancouver’s Beloved Penis Satan Statue” - Bryan
Bring Back Vancouver's Beloved Penis Satan Statue

Vagina cookies. All the vaginas. Even fire. -Terrie

Victories for Common Sense (WWOPD)

Scalia Law Backfires! Pagan Prayer At Gov’t Meeting Pisses Off Teavangelicals -Ian

Culture and Cognition!
Decrease in the prevalence of pubic lice possibly b/c of pubic grooming -Terrie

Are There Still Boy Scouts? - Ian
Trail Life USA - Ian

Arguments From Imaginary History!

AP History casts slavery and Hiroshima in a negative light. Conservative school board members want to change that. Civil unrest ensues. -Terrie
School Board member at center of Jeffco AP History controversy explains what she has in mind - Ian
Don't Know Much About AP History - Ian

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