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Duration: 00:56:05

While you were sleeping ASPC-127

Show Notes:

Anomalycon March 27th - 29th. Run by our one time guest Kronda Siebert. Ian will be there.
This year Bryan and Baxter and Dr. Karen Stollznow will be featured guests. News Letter

Ian and Terrie’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!

The Unicorn Head - Ride On Sex Toy - Ian

The Student Charged With Filming Masturbation Porn in School Library Speaks About Becoming an Overnight Porn Celebrity - Bryan
Former OSU Student Cited for Porn Video - Bryan

WTF are They Thinking?

Vandals Cut Down Sculpture of Mythical Irish Sea God and Replace It with a Cross - Ian

Woman Accused of Tearing Down Satanic Display Pleads 'Not Guilty' - Ian
Here’s how the Satanic Temple fixed its vandalized holiday display in the Florida capitol - Bryan

Is sex with an unconscious person really rape? -Terrie
Are you sure?
I’m sorry my comments were taken out of context…..
Babies with frequent eye movements linked to autism - Bryan

Victories for Common Sense (WWOPD)

Someone stole naked pictures of me. This is what I did about it – Ian

Islamophobic Bus Ads In San Francisco Are Being Defaced With Kamala Khan - Ian

Scams and other ways to trick people(myths and why people like them)

Vaginal steaming -Terrie

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Some sounds used from www.freesound.org