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Duration: 00:51:21

Driverlass Cars ASPC 130

Show Notes:

(Do Driver-less Cars Dream of Electric Hitchhikers?)

Listener feedback!

Howard on porn

Penny on bakery/business rights

Ian and Terrie’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!

Versatility FTW! -Terrie

6 Sex Toy Companies Disguised As Household Products - Ian

WTF are They Thinking?

'Climate change' and 'global warming' reportedly banned under Florida governor - Bryan

Victories for Common Sense (WWOPD)

Oklahoma Dem amendment: Christian businesses must post notice of anti-gay discrimination - Ian

Germany court orders measles sceptic to pay 100,000 euros - Bryan
Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The "Viral Fraud"

Culture and Cognition!

Atlas Obscura! - Terrie

Driverless cars - Mac

Google's Schmidt: It's A Bug That Cars Were Invented Before Computers - Bryan

In a world where drivers are outlawed… - Mac

Driverless issues - Mac

One death caused by machine could prevent 10 deaths caused by humans - Mac

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