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Duration: 01:01:47

CircumLocution ASPC 134

Show Notes:

Terrie’s charity ride for the American Diabetes Association

Ian and Terrie’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!
Hold a Coke With Your Boobs Is The Latest Online Challenge - Ian
Masturbating Muslims Beware - Your Hand Will Be Pregnant in the Afterlife! - Dumbass

WTF are They Thinking?
Fear the Dark Art of Yoga! Why Conservative Christians Are Freaking Out After Yoga “Miracle” - Bryan

Culture and Cognition!
Charlie Charlie -Shawn
Charlie Via the washington post -Shawn
Charlie Via Jezebel -Shawn
Charlie Vs. Snopes Shawn
http://www.scaryforkids.com/pencil-game/ - Ian

The Circumcision Debate
The Real Reason You're Circumcised - Ian
I LOVE FORESKIN (Laci Green video) - Ian

John Harvey Kellogg -Ian
Here’s an older article I wrote about Kellogg and a link to a pdf of my primary source - Terrie
While the video may have given an exaggerated impression of Kellogg’s importance, it wasn’t wrong in the fact that circumcision became popular because it was supposed to cure masturbation - Dumbass (There seems to be some disagreement - I just read the segment Ian referred to on circinfo.net which states that the theory of circumcision preventing masturbation wasn’t a common reason for the procedure. However, according to Robert Darby writing in the Medical Journal of Australia, circumcision was widely recommended in mainstream pediatric manuals as a deterrent to masturbation until the 1950’s.)

Harriet Hall, the Skepdoc’s Take on Circumcision - Dumbass

Harriet Hall on the AAP Policy Statement - Dumbass

Circumcision - History - Ian

CIRCUMCISION: An Evidence-Based Appraisal - Ian

Pediatricians Decide Boys Are Better Off Circumcised - Ian

Circumcision - Prostate Cancer - Ian

Adult Circumcision Stories - Ian

Psychological impacts of male circumcision - Ian
Male Circumcision: Pain, Trauma and Psychosexual Sequelae - Ian
Study Links Circumcision to Personality Trait Disorder - Ian
Circumcision - Pain and Memory - Ian

Irreligiosophy (Dr. Chuck Talks about Circumcision, It’s the very beginning of the podcast., The first 23 minutes) - Bryan

Circumcision in the News

NYC, rabbis clash over circumcision ritual - Ian

Why has a circumcision become a courtroom drama? - Ian

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