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Duration: 00:43:13

Whos Your Daddy ASPC-143

Show Notes:

Ian and Terrie’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!

These People Gave Up Masturbating For A Month And Almost Lost It - Ian
WTF are They Thinking?
The World Ended A Couple Of Weeks Ago And Nobody Noticed - Dumbass

bonsai children - shawn

Christian website: Don’t look at your wife’s face during sex to enjoy it even when she resists - Bryan

Culture and Cognition!

What's A Skoliosexual? - Ian

Ghost Dad - shawn

An Alarming Number Of People Think “The Martian” Is A True Story - Ian
The real first mission to Mars will not be like 'The Martian' but that is ok - Ian

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