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Placebo Band � North America


Duration: 00:49:20

Jurassic Ark ASPC-155

Show Notes:

Feedback from listener Steven
Octopuses, Octopi, Octopode? (Where we wrong? Yes and NO)
What's the correct plural of 'octopus': 'octopuses' or 'octopi'? Yes – and then some. - Bryan
Octopi vs. octopuses - Bryan
Octopi - Bryan

Ian and Dumbass’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!
Comic Book Art-- Sexy or Sexist? - Bryan & Dumbass
Virtual reality 'sex suit' lets men experience realistic intercourse all on their own - Bryan
Virtual sex – This weird Japanese suit combines sex and virtual reality! - Bryan

Bigot/Jackassery of the Week
A Gay Couple Got An Insane Response When They Invited Someone To Their Wedding - Ian

WTF are They Thinking?
Tyler man says he found fossils from Noah's flood - Bryan
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum - Bryan
How long does fossilisation take? - Bryan

Teacher Fired for using the word Vagina - Dumbass


Victories for Common Sense (WWOPD)
Colorado Found Some Money to Continue Successful Program Providing IUDs For Teens - Ian

Culture and Cognition!
If humans were flirting like animals - Bryan

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