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The Dumbass Media Empire

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Duration: 00:52:31

Unjust Desserts ASPC-156

Show Notes:

an will be at Denver Comic Con June 17th to 19th
Ian and Dumbass’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!
Concubine Masturbator - Ian
These Real Women Want to Show You How to Give Them an Orgasms - Ian
Bigot/Jackassery of the Week

Sally Kern's Farewell Address: Gay People Are Still Worse Than Terrorists - Bryan

Bad English

Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Initialisms - Bryan

WTF are They Thinking?
‘Family’ Group Says It’s Now Sending Men Into Target’s Women’s Restrooms - Ian
Christian Group Admits To Sending Men Into Women’s Bathrooms To Scare You Into Hating Trans People - Ian
Using a Target bathroom got really uncomfortable really fast - Ian
Man Barges Into Women’s Bathroom Because He Saw Short-Haired Woman And Thought She Was Transgender - Ian
Cops Drag Girl Out of Bathroom For ‘Not Looking Like A Woman’ - Ian
Disturbed Bible-thumper and her 12 KIDS stage anti-trans hate parade in Target store - Ian
Bathroom Cop (End with a little humor) - Ian

Man Claims Breyer’s Ice Cream Should Be Avoided Because It Doesn’t Melt - Dumbass
Why a Walmart ice cream sandwich just won't melt - Ian
Breyers Ice Cream Meltdown - Bryan

Naturally-occurring protein enables slower-melting ice cream - Bryan

Victories for Common Sense (WWOPD)

Council Members Unanimously Reject Texas Town’s Anti-Trans Bill - Bryan

Culture and Cognition!

Calvin Klein accused of glamorizing sexual harassment for showing an ad with a girl flashing her panties at the camera - Dumbass

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