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The Dumbass Media Empire

Friend of Amateur Skeptics
The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge
An Evening with an Atheist
A Skeptics Guide To Conspiracy

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Placebo Band � North America


Duration: 00:46:33

The Divine Hand ASPC-161

Show Notes:

Ian and Dumbass’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media Empire!
People Can't Stop Getting Off On the Science of the Female Orgasm - Ian

Dildos for the kids
Pokémoan Dildo Range – Gotta get em all! - Bryan
Doctor Screw’s Sonic Dildo - Bryan

The Feature that outevolved us all-Macs Creature Feature
half-siders. two become one shawn

Bigot/Jackassery of the Week aka Jumping on the fear Train
Pat Boone: 'God Has Lifted His Hand Of Protection From The United States Of America' - Bryan

Technical segment
Tor VS VPN vs Proxy - Bryan

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