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Duration: 010539

Amateur Skeptics Podcast 184

Show Notes:
Ian and Dumbass’s Masturbation Moment, brought to you by the Dumbass Media
Naked Attraction - Bryan

Bigot/Jackassery of the Week
 Ken Ham Calls On Christians To Reclaim Rainbow From ‘Anti-God’ LGBTQ Movement -Bryan

WTF are They Thinking?

Coffee with Viagra-like ingredient recalled by Grand Prairie company - Bryan
A Wake-Up Call: Coffee Recalled By FDA For Having Viagra-Like Ingredient - Bryan
Bestherbs Coffee LLC Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of New Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee due to the Presence of Undeclared Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Undeclared Milk - Bryan

Science Stuff:
The science behind midichlorians -Shawn
Autism Symptoms in Pets Rise as Pet Vaccination Rates Rise - Madcat

Victories for Common Sense (WWOPD)

Quoth an antivaxer: Vaccines are making dogs autistic! - Madcat
Brooklyn anti-vaxxers are refusing to vaccinate their dogs over autism fears - Madcat