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Duration: 00:52:41

The Atheist List Amateur Skeptics 042

Show Notes:

Birthright - A short film Ian wrote and his son stared in.
Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy - A collection with one of Ian’s stories in it.
God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales

Skepticamp CO Springs - Bryan
Why We Do Religion -Morgan Levy, MD - Bryan (This was part of Skepticamp CO Springs)
Bryan and baxter's talk from CO Spring Skepticamp (This was banned from YouTube) Get it from Agent Of Doubt web site.

Metaphysical Fair - Bryan and Kimberly

Religious Insanity:

Should Evolutionists Be Allowed to Vote? - Ian:Thanks to David Dvorkin for the link
First Law of Thermodynamics/ Internal Energy - Bryan

Putting Atheists on a "National Registry"- What Say YOU ? - Bryan- Ian:Thanks to David Dvorkin for the link.
Pastor Mike's Contact info - please email him with your honest thoughts, no threats - Shawn

Stahl's national atheist registry is nothing new - Shawn

editorial reproducing Stahls blog post and some thoughts - Shawn

A Year of Biblical Womanhood - Kimberly
Rachel Held Evans - Kimberly

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