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Placebo Band � North America


Duration: 01:05:07

A Celtic Cross Beats an Inside Straight Amateur Skeptics 043

Show Notes:

Growing activity on our Facebook page.

Local Atheism/Skepticism
Eudaimonia III (was yesterday, Sunday September 18)
Braco! (Saturday, September 24)
IIG Colorado (Saturday, September 24)
Denver Atheists End of Summer Party (Sunday, September 25)
Cafe Sci 2 DUNGBEETLES! (Monday, September 26)
Tim Minchin (Sunday, October 9)
Cafe Sci 2 EVOLUTION! (Monday, October 24)
Ask An Atheist III (?)
http://holyhormones.com/ Brian Walsh

My Book reviews: Super Crunchers and God No

Analysing Bryan’s psychic reading.
Skeptics at the Metaphysical Fair by Karen Stollznow - Jref

Fun Science
Brain Scan in the Palm of your Hand - Kimberly

FDA Slams 'Dr. Oz' for Apple Juice Report - Micheal Vogler

Religious Insanity:
Exposing religious fundamentalism in the US - Ian (Thanks to Howard for the link)

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