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Duration: 00:59:28

Amateur Skeptics 047 Burden of Proof

Show Notes:

Wednesday, November 30 - DMNS: Back from the Brink - Black Footed Ferrets
Wednesday, November 30 - DMNS: 60 Minutes in Space
Wednesday, December 7 - James Randi (I still don’t have much info on this)
Wednesday, December 7 - Boulder Christian Apologetics Group - Intro meeting (interesting!)
Wednesday, December 7 - Cafe Sci II: Species in Crisis
Thursday, December 8 - DMNS: Nature’s Comebacks
Sunday, December 11 - Humanists of Colorado - Atheists for Humanity
Thursday, January 12 - Mythbusters Live
Wednesday, January 18 - DMNS: A Zoologist’s Amazing Mongolian Adventures
Thursday, January 19 - DMNS: Science Lounge: Know Your Snow

Science News:
Depleted Texas lakes expose ghost towns, graves - Ian

2nd test affirms faster-than-light particles - Bryan

Power Balance Bracelet Company Hit With $57 Million Settlement, Expected To Go Bankrupt - Bryan/Erik

Religious Insanity:
Christian Right Wing Pastor Admits That The Religious Right Wants Dominionism - Ian
Dominionism Wikipedia - Bryan
Theocracy Watch: Dominion Theology (1/5) - Bryan

The Republican plan to nullify the courts and establish Christian theocracy - Jenn

Something to Think About:
DOMA Hurts Business - Kimberly

Burden of Proof:
Fallacy: Burden of Proof - Bryan
Burden of Proof - Bryan
Who has the Burden of Proof? - Bryan
The Burden Of Proof: Health News, Science & Evidence Pt 2 - Bryan

WTF Are They Thinking?:
Woman: Picture shows ghosts having sex - Ian

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