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Duration: 00:58:37

Kimberly's Taoism and the Transgendered Girl Scout - Amateur Skeptics 51

Show Notes:

Amateur Skeptics podcast 051, Is Taoism Compatible with Atheism? (Tentative record date 1/23/12)

Kimberly was a guest on The Invisible Sky Monsters Podcast: Episode 6
Saturday, 01/21 - AAA Convention Open House
Wednesday, 01/25 - DMNS: 60 Minutes in Space
Thursday, 01/26 - Boulder Atheists: Separation of Church and State Panel w ACLU
Saturday, 01/28 - IIG Colorado Research Techniques
Monday, 01/30 - Cafe Sci II - Colorado Water
Sunday, 02/12 - Humanists of Colorado Monthly Meeting (Michael Melio, Colorado Chair of Move to Amend, will be discussing the disastrous Citizen's United decision by the (not very) Supreme Court that turned on the spigot of corporate bribes in American politics -- and what Move to Amend is doing about it. (And what you can do, too!))
Monday, 02/13 - DMNS: Darwin Day
Wednesday, 02/15 - Dinner before Neil deGrasse Tyson
Wednesday, 02/15 - Neil deGrasse Tyson at CU
Saturday, 02/18 - MHS - Drinking Skeptically

Science News:
Long Duration M3.2 Class Solar Flare and CME - Bryan

Religious Insanity:
Child sacrificed, liver offered to gods: Indian police - Ian

Boisterous crowd demands appeal of prayer banner ruling as Cranston school chief urges adults to 'set an example' - Bryan
Rhode Island Teen's Battle Against Prayer Banner Has Gone 'Too Far,' Mayor Says - Bryan
Rhode Island florists refuse to deliver FFRF’s flowers to Jessica Ahlquist - Bryan

WTF Are They Thinking?:
Girl Scout Launches Cookie Boycott Campaign After Organization's Inclusion Of Transgender Child - Ian

Honest Girl Scouts - Ian
Girl Scouts responds to call for cookie boycott - Ian
(The Video has been taken down from youtube)
Here is the full video from another account.
The Portrait of a Hate Crime in the Girl Scouts - Bryan
Poll: Will You Join Girl Scout Cookie Boycott? - Bryan

Is Taoism Compatible with Atheism?
[my intent in this episode is to introduce taoism to those who don’t know much about it - i.e., history, beliefs, etc., discuss how it is often practiced now, especially in the US, and then share some thoughts on whether or not I think it is compatible with atheism - and by atheism here I mean a combination of new atheism (i.e., activist atheism), skepticism, science, etc. Source material could be encyclopedic if I wanted to, but check out a few things below and if you have time and interest, I would highly recommend the Tao of Pooh - a short but insightful read.]
[[further it is my intent to take no more than half an hour on this, so feel free to suggest other articles to discuss]]
Tao in Wikipedia
Tao Te Ching

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