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Duration: 00:53:25

The Benefits of Porn: Amateur Skeptics 052

Show Notes:

Tuesday, 02/07 - Skepticamp planning meeting
Thursday, 02/09 - Boulder Apologetics: Questions on the Doctrine of Hell and the Unevangelized
Sunday, 02/12 - Humanists of Colorado Monthly Meeting - Move to Amend
Monday, 02/13 - DMNS: Darwin Day with Sean B Carroll
Wednesday, 02/15 - Dinner before Neil deGrasse Tyson
Wednesday, 02/15 - Neil deGrasse Tyson at CU
Saturday, 02/18 - MHS - Drinking Skeptically
Sunday, 02/19 - DA - Eudaimonia -Bring Your False Idols
Tuesday 02/21 - Cafe Sci - Do Economics Need Ethics?
Saturday 02/25 - IIG - Pet psychics, Water, and Paranormal Research Project

A Retraction from Ian ( ;) )

ISMPC - episode

Science News:
Russian Scientist Claims Scorpion-like Alien Found On Venus, NASA Disagrees - Ian
Predatory pythons shift Everglades ecology - Bryan
Gator-guzzling python comes to messy end - Bryan
Science that Confirms My Long Held Confirmation-Bias Beliefs (and makes me smile)
Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice - Kimberly

Religious Insanity:
Child Rape Victims “Pitiful Bunch of Malcontents”: Catholic Group - Ian
Report: Protestant Church Insurers Handle 260 Sex Abuse Cases a Year - Bryan
[note of interest: there are 261 business days a year (excluding weekends, but not holidays)]
272 new abuse claims reported - Bryan

Atheist temple in UK - Shawn
Do Atheists Need a Temple? poll - Shawn
Atheist temple provokes disagreement among non-believers - Shawn

The Benefits of Porn: Bow-chicka wow wow wow

Why Conservative Prudes Still Desperate to Control Your Sex Life? - Ian

Hugh Hefner: Civil Rights Activist? - Ian
New film exposes naked truth of Hefner's civil rights activism - Ian

5 Ways Porn Created the Modern World - Ian

Pornography has its benefits - Ian

Use Porn To Improve Your Sex Life - Ian

The 13 Smartest Porn Stars of All Time -Ian

LA mayor signs law requiring condoms in porn films - Ian

Have Sex With Green Women, Dennis Hof Opening A Sci-Fi Themed Brothel In Nevada - Ian
Dennis Hof To Open Sci-Fi Alien Brothel In Nevada - Bryan

Porn Industry May Decide DVD Format War - Bryan

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hustler_Magazine_v._Falwell - Shawn

The Other Side of the Argument:

The Pink Cross Foundation - Ian
Women to Facebook: Stop banning our breast-feeding pics - Bryan

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