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Duration: 00:51:39

Science of Scifi Amateur Skeptics 053

Show Notes:

Skeptics week in review (Sean B Carroll, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Eudamonia, Drinking Skeptically)
Saturday 02/25 - IIG - Pet psychics, Super Water, and Paranormal Research Project
Friday, 03/02 - Boulder Atheists - An Evening with Mikey Weinstein (Math 100 room on CU campus)
Monday 03/05 - Sam Harris at CU Macky Auditorium (MHS)
Saturday 03/17 - Metaphysical Fair 9:00 AM (MHS)

My story ‘Enforcers: All in a Day’s Work’ can be found in Tales of the Talisman Vol 7 Issue 3 - Ian

Science News:
High arsenic levels found in organic foods, baby formula - Bryan
Arsenic, Organic Foods, and Brown Rice Syrup - Bryan
Brown Rice Syrup - Bryan
How does Arsenic Kill you - Shawn

The Mars Experiment - Bryan

Religious Insanity:
Did Actor Denzel Washington Really Call Atheists ‘Sociopaths?’ - Ian
Denzel Washington, Atheist Comments Refuted - Ian

The Science of Sci-Fi:
Doctor Who's world just a step away - Ian
Science fiction made real: the sonic screwdriver and flying on light - Ian
Sonic Screwdriver Could Produce Ultrasonic Force Fields To Manipulate Objects-Ian

The Science of the Lightsaber
Official Ligtsaber info from Star Wars.com - Ian
Wookieepedia Entry on Lightsabers - Ian
I Have Solved All Your Lightsaber Problems - Ian
http://www.wickedlasers.com/index.php - Erik
http://www.dailytech.com/George+Lucas+Angry+About+Real+Life+Lightsaber+T... - Erik

Goa'Uld technology and how it seems to work
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technology_in_Stargate - Shawn
Naquadah - Shawn

Star Trek Tech
Antimatter - Bryan
Sci Fi Science Videos - Bryan
Communicator (Star Trek) - Bryan
Star Trek Hypospray Now Real - Bryan
Breakthrough brings 'Star Trek' teleport a step closer - Bryan

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