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Duration: 00:42:03

Right to Die Amateur Skeptics 054

Show Notes:

Friday 03/09 DMNS - Uncharted Waters: Tales Told with Science and Song (8pm IMAX)
Sunday 03/11 Eudaimonia - The Great Wall of Fear (11:00am Brooklyns)
Sunday 03/11 HOC Monthly Meeting (6:00 Colvin Commons)
Saturday 03/17 - Metaphysical Fair 9:00 AM (MHS)
Tuesday 03/20 DMNS - Digging Snowmastodon (7pm Ricketson Auditorium)
Friday, 03/23 DMNS - Tornado Alley with Sean Casey (8pm IMAX)

Right to Die:
Facing death, a top pastor rethinks what it means to be Christian - Shawn
How To Die Well - Shawn
What People Talk about before they die - Shawn
Paralyzed Artist Commits Suicide by Starving Self to Death - Shawn
Terry Pratchett says he has Alzheimer's - Shawn
Debate Continues on Assisted Suicide in UK -Shawn
Lord Falconer's campaign for euthanasia dies a painless death - Shawn
Jack Kevorkian - Shawn
What Makes a person a person? - Shawn
What Makes a person a person? diff viewpoint - Shawn
Right to Die - Ian
Terri Schiavo case - Ian
Whose Right to Die? - Bryan

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