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Duration: 00:53:10

Marriage Equality Amateur Skeptics 55

Show Notes:

Special guest Michael Clifton

Friday, 03/23 DMNS - Tornado Alley with Sean Casey (8pm IMAX)
Friday - Sunday, 3/23-3/25 - AnomalyCon, Ian will be there all weekend. There will be ghost tours of Auraria Campus again this year
Sunday, 03/25 - Mile High Skeptics - Myths of Nutrition and Fitness
Monday, 03/26 - Cafe Sci 2 - Ozone: The Good, the Bad, and the Not-So-Ugly
Wednesday, 03/28 - DMNS - 60 Minutes in Space
Saturday 03/31 - IIG Colorado Monthly Meeting
Sunday, 04/01 -
Mile High Skeptics - Myths of Nutrition and Fitness Part II
Monday, 04/02 - Mile High Skeptics - Pseudoscience Fair with James Randi
Wednesday, 04/04, Colorado Springs - Pikes Peak Skeptics Society - Bill Nye the Science Guy
Thursday - Saturday, 04/05-04/07 - Mile High Skeptics - Road Trip to Roswell (Trinity for Easter)
Sunday, 04/08 - HOC - Monthly Meeting
Thursday, 04/12 - DMNS - Yuri’s Night
Saturday, 05/05 - Skepitcamp Colorado

Marriage Equality:
Marriage Rights and Benefits - Bryan

ProCon.org - Ian

Marriage will ONLY remain the bedrock of a society if it is between a man and a woman - Bryan

Same Sex Marriage Archie Comic selling for $50 on Ebay - Shawn

12 reasons gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry - Bryan

Always a Man and Woman? Not True. - Bryan

Community Ministers Unlimited in Colorado Springs:
ALL weddings means ALL weddings with them!

Michael’s voter registration drive: Votingand Action

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