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Duration: 00:54:56

Identity ? - Amateur Skeptics 057

Show Notes:

Thursday, 04/19 - Into the Churches - Leadership Meeting
Sunday, 04/22 - MHS - Sunday Morning Heathen Hike
Sunday, 04/22 - BA - Days of Remembrance
Saturday, 04/28 - COCORE & BA - Unite Against the War on Women
Sunday, 04/29 - BA - Adopt-a-Road Cleanup
Sunday, 04/29 - AFH - YouTube Comedy Night II
Saturday, 05/05 - MHS - Skepitcamp Colorado
Sunday, 05/06 - AAA - AAA Convention Open House
Sunday, 05/12 - HOC - Monthly Meeting (Kai Haswell on Animal Rights)

(We need to spend a little time here)
Feed Back from Marriage Equallity


What is identity?
Identity (philosophy)
Personal identity

What is the significance of names?
10 illegal baby names - Ian

Free Will
Free Will with Sam Harris - Bryan
Dennett on free will and determinism - Bryan

Sexuality Versus Gender - Shawn

Looking for sense of self
YouTube phenomenon has girls asking: 'Am I Pretty?' - Ian

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