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Duration: 00:48:23

Cleaning Out the Attic Amateur Skeptics 061

Show Notes:

Special Guest: Dumbass http://www.dumbassmedia.info/

June 15, 16 and 17 - Denver Comic Con
June 16 - Fort Collins Skepticamp
Tuesday, June 26 - DMNS: The Science of the Perfect Life
Saturday, July 21 - HOC: Grand Junction Mini Conference
Friday, August 30-Monday, September 3 - Atheist Alliance of America (AAA) Conference

Sugar Gliders do not live in the Australian Outback. Thanks to a listener from Australia from Australia for catching this mistake.

Wikipedia Sugar Glider Entry

Victories for Common Sense:
‘X-Men’ gay marriage: Marvel superhero proposes to his boyfriend - Ian
Soon To Be Gay Superhero - Ian

Update: Gay Green Lantern - Shawn

Science News:
Follow up - Einstein Proved Right in Retest of Neutrinos’ Speed - Ian

There Are Way More Blood Types Than You Think - Bryan
Blood mystery solved - Bryan

Ideological Insanity:
CA preacher concedes apocalypse prediction wrong - Ian

Funny - the Intelligent Design Coloring Book - Kimberly
Similar Concept: The Converts Documentary - Dumbass

County Prosecutors investigating Church Groups Fake Raid - Shawn

Dear Girls -- Here's Why Nasty Old Religious Men Are Terrified of You - Bryan

Jesse Lee Peterson, Conservative Preacher, Says Women's Voting Rights 'One Of America's Greatest Mistakes' - Bryan

WTF Are They Thinking?:
Abortion Causes Breast Cancer, New Hampshire House Declares- Ian
Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Bill In Utah Passes, Prohibits Talk Of Homosexuality In Class - Ian

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