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Duration: 00:50:51

Animal Trafficking - Amateur Skeptics Podcast 065

Show Notes:

Sunday, August 12 - HOC Monthly Meeting - Secular Coalition for Colorado
Wednesday, August 15 - BA Atheism 101: The Atheist Classroom
Thursday, August 23 - DMNS James Luna Presents Phantasmagoria, a Performative Lecture
Friday, August 30-Monday, September 3 Atheist Alliance of America (AAA) Conference
Thursday, September 6 DBG What are you really breathing? (Mark Hernandez, Environmental Engineering)
Tuesday, September 11 - DMNS Missions to Titan: The Enigmatic Moon of Saturn
Friday, September 28 - DMNS Science Lounge - Bacchus Raucous - A Party in Pompeii
Sunday, October 14 - DA Christians “Unpacking” Atheism - with Lee Strobel (and (I think) William Lane Craig)

My trip to Dinosaur Utah(I talked to the range about young earthers)
Review the Freethought Film Festival - where are all the atheists?

Coursera (Free on-line college courses) - Ian

Curiosity landing on mars
NASA Lands Car-Size Rover Beside Martian Mountain - Bryan

Dream Chaser New Concept of Operations - Bryan

Pet Trade
15 unusual pets that could be yours - Bryan
Prairie Dog in Japanese Pet Store - Bryan
Midwest Prairie Dog Shelter - Bryan
Exotic pet Wikipedia - Bryan
11 ‘Pets’ No Animal Lover Should Own - Bryan
One thousand tortoises a week illegally gathered in south Madagascar - Bryan
Pet Adoption and Pet Rescue - Bryan

Florida State Laws Governing Private Possession of Exotic Animals - Bryan
Exotic Animals…..Their Impact on The Environment - Bryan
Invasive Species Everglades - Bryan
List of invasive species in the Everglades - Bryan
Exotic Pets Gone Wild in Florida - Bryan
Severe Python Damage to Florida's Native Everglades Animals Documented in New Study - Bryan

Thailand’s booming illegal exotic pet trade is trashing Madagascar's wildlife - Bryan
Taking Animal Trafficking Out of the Shadows - Bryan

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