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Duration: 00:39:51

Advertising Gone Wrong - Amateur Skeptics Podcast 066

Show Notes:

Friday, August 24 - DA - 1,000 Heathens Party (Brooklyns)
Tuesday, August 28 - Cafe Sci - Beetle-mania and Beyond
Friday, August 30-Monday, September 3 - Atheist Alliance of America (AAA) Conference
Thursday, September 6 DBG What are you really breathing? (Mark Hernandez, Environmental Engineering)
Saturday, September 8 - Secular Hub - Founders Kickoff Party
Sunday, September 9 - HOC - Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, September 11 - DMNS Missions to Titan: The Enigmatic Moon of Saturn
Thursday, September 27 - MHS - Light the Walk

Advertising Gone Wrong:

Sherwin-Williams - Slogan ‘Paint the World’. Look at their logo, the earth with a bucket of paint being poured over it.

Brut Aftershave “Late” long version

Vintage Hai karate aftershave commercial - shawn

AXE - Susan Glenn Commercial So what is this a commercial for?

Burger King - Wake Up With the King, Wake Up With the King - Window
Geico - caveman series

Gamefly - You're Welcome Kid, You're Welcome

Old Navy, where celebrities go to end their careers

Some Commercials that hit it exactly right

Geico Saving money possum commercial

Chevy Runs Deep - My Dad's Old Car 1965 Impala

Chevy Runs Deep - A Soldier's Home

"Like Father, Like Son" | 2012 Chevy Silverado | Chevrolet

Chevy Runs Deep- Tommy

Chevrolet Transformers Commercial 2011 Camaro

Transformers 3: Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee

Paris Hilton Car Wash Superbowl Banned Commercial Carls Jr Bentley - Carjam Radio 2011 - Bryan

11 Hilarious Examples of False Advertising - Bryan

False advertising - Bryan

Homeopathy Fact Sheet - Page 4 - Bryan

Rxhomeo.com - Bryan “Products are shipped from our FDA registered facility

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