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Duration: 00:55:31

Atheism Plus Amateur Skeptics 068

Show Notes:

Welcome to the World Famous Amatuer Skeptics Podcast, the #1 Skeptic Podcast out of Colorado

Tuesday, September 18 - DA Social at the Vine Street Pub
Wednesday, September 19 - DMNS 60 Minutes in Space
Thursday, September 20 - DMNS Science Lounge: Whiskey the West
Friday, September 21 - HotM Autumnal Equinox 2012 Hike and Dinner
Friday, September 21 Movie night at the blissful house in Colorado Springs
Saturday, September 22 - HotM Disc Golf
Sunday, September 23 - PPSS Secular Sundays Brunch at the Eastside Panera (Colorado Springs)
Thursday, September 27 - MHS Light the Walk
Friday, September 28 - DMNS Bacchus Raucous - A Party in Pompeii
Saturday, September 29 -Freethinkers of CS camping trip (15 miles west of Boulder)
Sunday, September 30 - Roy Zimmerman concert (Colorado Springs) (his YouTube)
Tuesday, October 2 - DMNS Volcanoes on the Verge
Wednesday, October 3 - BA Atheist Classroom - History of Marriage
Saturday, October 6 - COCORE We Are Women March
Sunday, October 14 - DA Christians “Unpacking” Atheism
Look for announcements soon for a visit in Colorado from Richard dawkins between the 14th and 16th of October.
Thursday, October 18 - DMNS Science Lounge: Superheroes Assemble
Fri, Sat, Sun October 19, 20 and 21 MileHiCon
Wednesday October 24 - Mickey Weinstein speaking on Religion in the military in Colorado Springs.

Ian’s story ‘The Path of Evolution’ is in the current issue of The Fifth Di...

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