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The Dumbass Media Empire

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Duration: 00:41:59

Pop Culture reflecting and influencing social change Amateur Skeptics -069

Show Notes:

Wednesday, October 3 - BA Atheist Classroom - History of Marriage
Saturday, October 6 - COCORE We Are Women March
Tuesday, October 9 - DA Cafe Sci I Finding Sister Earth
Saturday, October 13 - WOO! Spirits of Victor: Paranormal Convention (Denver Ghost Hunters)
Sunday, October 14 - DA Christians “Unpacking” Atheism
Sunday, October 14 - HOC Political Initiatives - Legalizing Marijuanna
Wednesday, October 17 - Fundraising Reception with Richard Dawkins ($500!)
Thursday, October 18 - DMNS Science Lounge: Superheroes Assemble
Thursday, October 18 - FTE Arvada Church (2nd Trip)
Friday, October 19 - WOO! Ghost Hunting 101 Class (Fullmoon explorations) ($15)
Fri, Sat, Sun October 19, 20 and 21 MileHiCon
Wednesday October 24 - Mickey Weinstein speaking on Religion in the military in Colorado Springs.
Saturday, November 3 COCORE Parenting Beyond Belief - Raising Kids without Religion

Ian’s story ‘The Path of Evolution’ is in the current issue of The Fifth Di...

Why Some of Us Don’t Face Facts - Kimberly


http://sites.lafayette.edu/ams362-02-sp12/2012/05/14/homosexualitys-evol... - Shawn

Modern family redefining the american family - Shawn

Don’t blame me, I voted for Bartlet:The West Wing and educating the american people on the political process

the Cell Phone video and the News revolution- everyone is a reporter

Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact(yep, I know we covered this, but rates a return to it)

the evolution of the police procedural and how it changes how we view police work
Barney Miller (Dennis Farina Quote)
Hill Street Blues
Cops and AMW
Law and Order

Big Bang Theory and Numbers- Making the science sexy

It is Banned Book Week 30th Anniversary, go out and read a banned book

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