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Duration: 00:53:54

Paranormal TV Shows - Amateur Skeptics Podcast 070

Show Notes:

Wednesday October 24 - Mikeyy Weinstein Religion in the military in Colorado Springs.
Friday, October 26 - Pikes Peak Skeptics Halloween themed game night. (6:30pm)
Saturday, October 27 - DA and Secular Hub National Day of Doing Good. (9:30am)
Sunday, October 28 - Pikes Peak Skeptics Secular Sunday Brunch Eastside Panera's. (9:30am)
Sunday, October 28 - CO Skeptics Panera Bread in Lone Tree, CO. (11:00am)
Saturday, November 3 COCORE Parenting Beyond Belief - Raising Kids without Religion
Sunday, November 11 HOC - Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society

Paul Kurtz death http://centerforinquiry.net/paul_kurtz_obituary

Ian’s story ‘The Path of Evolution’ is in the current issue of The Fifth Di...

Dumbass’ new podcast Worlds of Impodibilities

Kim’s report on Richard Dawkins presentation

Ryan Andresen, Gay Teen, Denied Eagle Scout Honor - Bryan
Schoolboy Scout 'upset' by atheism ban - Bryan
AN 11-year-old boy has been banned from joining the Scouts — because he doesn’t believe in GOD. - Bryan
On Court Order, Boy Scouts' Confidential 'Perversion Files' Go Public - Bryan

US Air Force’s 1950s supersonic flying saucer declassified - Bryan

(AS THE SHOW IS BEING RECORDED - Monday, October 22, The Pikes Peak Skeptics Society will be attending a presentation by the Colorado Paranormal Team.
7:00pm ) - Michael wishes he could have been a part of this podcast session but he had to go heckle some “Paranormal Investigators” in person!

Paranormal TV Shows (Need everyone to watch a couple of episodes of each series ahead of time so we will each have some idea of what the shows are like)

Ghost Hunters On Hulu

Destination Truth On Hulu

Fact or Faked On Hulu

Haunted Collector On Hulu

Paranormal State On Hulu

Legend Quest On Hulu

Dead Files

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