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Duration: 00:53:19

Highly Evolved Birds and Bigfoot DNA - Amateur Skeptics 073

Show Notes:

Wednesday, November 28 - DA - 10 Year Anniversary Social
Saturday, December 8 - DA - Counter Apologetics
Sunday, December 9 - HOC: Secular Light Celebration
Sunday, December 16 - DA - Atheists for Humanity - You Tube Night III
Wednesday, December 19 - BA - How the Christians Stole Christmas
Saturday, December 22nd - The Freethinkers of Colorado Springs will host a “Mayan Survivor Party” in downtown Colorado Springs at Jack Quinn’s bar and pub. 6pm-9pm. They plan to “party like there’s no true-Maya (prophecy)!” Michael will be buying drinks for the Amateur Skeptics.

Story Update:

Examining the UFO Claims of FOX 31 News by Rocky Mountain Paranormal - Ian

Other Stuff:
Birds evolve faster in the U.S.A. - Shawn
Birds evolution accelerating, study says - Bryan
What's the password? Fairy Wren Security software - Shawn

'Bigfoot' DNA Sequenced In Upcoming Genetics Study - Bryan
Bigfoot DNA - Bryan
Dr. Ketchum Confirms Statement By Dr. Igor Burtsev Regarding Bigfoot DNA Results (Update: David Paulides Provides Update In New Blog Post) - Bryan

The Salvation Army - Bryan
Don’t give to the anti-gay Salvation Army - Bryan
Gays 'should die': A timeline of the Salvation Army's anti-gay flare-ups - Bryan
Australian Salvation Army Calls For LGBT People To Be Put To Death, Then Apologizes - Bryan
Salvation Army's Red Kettle Holiday Campaign Takes Heat From Gay Rights Activists - Bryan
Use Atheists For Humanity instead

Time for some Critical Thinking:
Conspiracy Theory S03E03 Time Travel Secrets - Ian
The Photo he is talking about - Bryan

WTF are they Thinking?

Melissa Miller Drives 100 MPH After God Tells Her To - Ian

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