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Duration: 00:42:25

Battle of the Sexes - Amateur Skeptics 074

Show Notes:

Sunday, December 16 - DA - Atheists for Humanity - You Tube Night III
Wednesday, December 19 - BA - How the Christians Stole Christmas
Friday, December 21 - MHS - End of the World Party
Saturday, December 22nd - The Freethinkers of Colorado Springs will host a “Mayan Survivor Party” in downtown Colorado Springs at Jack Quinn’s bar and pub. 6pm-9pm. They plan to “party like there’s no true-Maya (prophecy)!” Michael will be buying drinks for the Amateur Skeptics.
Sunday, December 30 - FTE - Spiritkeepers Interfaith, Boulder

Tony Borer from 76streetpod podcast contacted us on facebook.

The Battle of the Sexes:

The War on Men - Ian
Fox News' Suzanne Venker: 'Women Aren't Women Anymore' - Ian

Don’t Be a Wife - Bryan

13 Year Old Girl Asks Hasbro To End Their Sexist Ads - Ian

Chivalry Wikipedia - Ian
Chivalry - Ian
Code of Chivalry - Ian
Is Chivalry Dead? What All Men Should Know About Chivalry and Dating - Ian

Update from ASPC Podcast 38
Victims In Psychic-Inspired Hoax Sue Police - Bryan
Texas Couple Sues Angel the Psychic, Belo, the Times and CNN Over False Claims Of a Mass Grave at Their House - Bryan

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