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Duration: 00:40:50

Living in a Simulization Amateur Skeptics 075

Show Notes:

Friday, December 21 - MHS - End of the World Party
Saturday, December 22nd - The Freethinkers of Colorado Springs will host a “Mayan Survivor Party” in downtown Colorado Springs at Jack Quinn’s bar and pub. 6pm-9pm. They plan to “party like there’s no true-Maya (prophecy)!” Michael will be buying drinks for the Amateur Skeptics.
Sunday, December 30 - FTE - Spiritkeepers Interfaith, Boulder

Follow Up:
The Weight of Swords - Thanks to Donovan for the link
Mayans Pissed Off Over Doomsday 'Deceit' - Thanks to Jeanette the link on our facebook page

2012 Doomsday is a 'Marketing Fallacy' - Bryan
Dire prophecies help some people profit from the doomsday dread - Ian
Is the Universe Just a Giant Computer Simulation? - Ian

forty-two- Shawn

Discussion topic (Taken from a facebook post)

Agree or disagree? It's wrong, cruel, and disturbing, for two adults and one 16 year old boy to gang up arguing with a ten year old girl arguing about the origins of Christmas and Easter? The Adults in question are her father and his female roommate, the teen is her older half brother and they are not Christians, trying to tell a Catholic Christian 10 year old that Christians stole the holidays from pagans.

I am proud very proud of her however for standing her ground and not allowing them to sway her faith even though these grown adults and teen tried to blame the ten year old for arguing with them. The conversation started when they put up the Christmas tree Saturday evening at her dad's house and she made the simple and true statement, "there would be no Easter without Christmas."

She even was gracious enough to preface her statements with "according to my beliefs". They however apparently think that she is the one arguing because she didn't cave to what they believe to be historical fact. Which is only their belief and misunderstanding of history.

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