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The Dumbass Media Empire

Friend of Amateur Skeptics
The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge
An Evening with an Atheist
A Skeptics Guide To Conspiracy

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Spamming to America ASPC 079

Show Notes:


Saturday, February 23 - Skepticamp: Fort Collins Skepticamp 2013 (Mulligans, Ft. Collins)
Tuesday, February 26 - DMNS: Chasing Ice Film Screening
Wednesday, February 27 - PPSS: Richard Dawkins and Stewart (Armstrong Hall, CO Springs)
Wednesday, February 27 - DMNS: 60 Minutes in Space (free)
Thursday, February 28 - BA: Dawkins & Stewart (CO Convention Center, Denver)
Friday, March 1 - Secular Parents Club/HUB: Katherine Stewart Reception 5-6:30
Friday, March 1 -BA: Katherine Stewart Reception (Boulder) 7:30-9
Sunday, March 3 - PPSS: AIDS Denialism
Sunday, March 10 - >HOC: Monthly Meeting - Death Penalty
Saturday, March 16 - FFRF: Denver Chapter Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, March 27 - DNMS: Near Earth Objects: Finding Them Before They Find Us
Thursday, April 11 -PPSS: Bart Ehrman: Misquoting Jesus
Monday, April 15 - ?: Neil deGrasse Tyson in Denver?
Wednesday, April 17 - PPSS: Neil deGrasse Tyson - SOLD OUT (unless you are a UCCS student).
Saturday, April 27 - MHS: Denver Skepticamp 2013
June/July - HUB: Colorado Secular Conference

Report from Ian and Kim on Secular Hub Grand Opening (www.facebook.com/SecularHub)
(Full Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11vj2wNwPnw
(Highlights) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNCpkfKDkDE

Report from Michael and Kimberly on Reality: Atheism vs. Christianity (Jason Testerman)
(Full Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqUUqd6ODi8

Pat Robertson: Boy Scouts Gay Ban Lift Could Mean Pedophiles As Scoutmasters - Bryan
Petition to get the Boy Scouts to stop discriminating against atheists and their children - Michael

Catholic Hospital Reverses: Won’t Argue Unborn Baby Not a Person - Bryan

Scams:(Why Critical thinking is so important)
One in ten people fall victim to scams, investigation finds - Bryan
Top 10 List of Current Scams - 2008 - Bryan
GOV Scams - Bryan
Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors - Bryan
The mark of a moron - Bryan
419Eater Scam Tracker - Bryan
Social engineering (security) - Bryan
social engineering - Bryan
IRS easily baited, vulnerable to social engineering-based attacks - Bryan
Microsoft Windows Support Call Scams: 7 Facts - Bryan

Michael’s coffee shop church scam:
“Mark”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_gSFbGosps
“Pwned by a church with coffee”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsTLzQQV0ZQ
225 Coffee Shop and Venue on facebook

This is from the Secular Coalition for America Alerts - Bryan
House Bill HR592 pass. Act to permanently allow federal grant money to go directly to rebuild churches See how your Representative voted here.

Colorado’s scorecard: Big Fail

Diana Louise DeGette "D" 1st NAY
Jared Polis "D" 2nd NAY
Scott Tipton "R" 3rd YEA
Cory Gardner "R" 4th YEA
Douglas L. Lamborn "R" 5th YEA
Mike Coffman "R" 6th YEA
Edwin George Perlmutter "D" 7th YEA

Colorado House Bill 1066 is postponed indefinitely in committee. (Religious Exercise)- Michael
Colorado House Bill 1081 is the next greatest concern (Comprehensive Human Sexuality K-12 Education) - Michael

Announcing Employment Transitional Assistance Grant For Non-Believing Clergy - Bryan

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